Oh-my-posh theme for Posh-git and Oh-my-posh

April 01, 2020

Recently I've been using Posh-git and Oh-my-posh in windows terminal for windows development. I liked a lot of the default themes offered, but I wanted a mix of a couple of them. So I decided to try one of my own.

Link to the GitHub

My Excellent Theme

This is a theme for oh-my-posh on powershell.


  1. Posh-git
  2. Oh-my-posh


  1. Find your Theme settings folder location by running
# default -> ~\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\PoshThemes
  1. Clone the repo such that the my-excellent-theme.psm1 file is inside the directory you found in step 1
    The directory structure should look like this:
  1. At the powershell prompt run
Set-Theme my-excellent-theme

This will set up your terminal to look like this

My excellent theme prompt